Medieval Festivals of Gourdon

Once upon a time...The Medieval Festival !

Medieval festival are being prepared!

They will take place on August 04 & 05  2019 !

Relive the highlights of the Medieval Festival in our "vidéothèque".

Step back to the past

Medieval Festivals are organized in the heart of the medieval town of Gourdon. For 2 days, go back into the atmosphere of a city in the Middle Ages.
Medieval festivals invite you to cross swords, to listen to the troubadours and be told the legends. Come and meet or become gentes ladies and gallants. Come to experience, to listen to and to discover.
A journey back to the past for the whole family! Check out the program of events and activities for full details.


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August 04 and 05 2019 - Gourdon Medieval Festival

Come and enjoy yourselves in the Medieval Festival and participate in our great medieval banquet!


The medieval Festival of Gourdon, which takes place on the 04 and 05, August 2019, is a cultural and festive event where  more than 5000 visitors are expected.


The streets of the historical center are transformed into a medieval  town;  more than 500 years ago. Knights and Ladies, but also jugglers, buffons and troubadours striding along the streets where a market of creative craftsmen has settled down, providing a lively and vivid atmosphere. This Festival also involves yours senses: the colors of costumes, the numerous local specialities of our medieval banquet, the songs of the troubadours. All this for the pleasure of the visitors who discover the capital of the Bouriane area.


This Medieval Festival traditionally takes place the first weekend of August in Gourdon. Located on the hill the medieval town dominates the surroundings and shelters, whithin its center, the huge gothic St Pierre church, the House of the Seneschal,...


Gourdon, renowned for its setting and its "art de vivre", comes to life during the medieval festival in which a lot of entertainment and  other shows  are organised.


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